Geysir Shop


One of the best sorted and biggest souvenir shops in Iceland offers a pleasant shopping atmosphere and most of all a huge selection.

When visiting the Geysir Center there’s no excuse anymore not to get your loved ones a little souvenir from your trip to Iceland! Even if you’d rather spend your time absorbing the amazing gushes of hot water from Strokkur, Geysir Shop, this one-stop memorabilia store, will ensure that you indulge, no matter how much you might detest shopping. As for the die-hard shopaholics, the Geysir Shop at the Geysir Center is a paradise indeed.

The store itself was designed and built in the spirit of sustainability. The interior is all made from recycled materials, diverse tools and wooden bits and pieces collected from old, abandoned farm houses. The ambiance is charming, you feel relaxed, and your shopping experience becomes a memory in itself.

The Geysir Shop at the Geysir Center is all about adventure, travel, and clothing that will meet your standards at the same price as in the Geysir Shop in Reykjavik.

The shop offers imported quality goods as well as the manufactures of Iceland. There you’ll find a combination of Icelandic and foreign brands like: Vík Prjónsdóttir, Farmers Market, Blik, Gudrun&Gudrun, Barbour, Pendleton, Hunter, Royal Republic, and Fjallräven. The Geysir Shop also has its own line of products that consists of knitted socks, gloves and sweaters, pretty notebooks and scented candles.

From the age-old drop-me-a-line postcard to soft woolens, funky jewelry to local handicrafts that will elicit many an envious glance, the Geysir Shop offers something for everyone. Even book-lovers will find a pleasant collection here, alongside creative photo-albums, and some translated Icelandic works.

Thanks to the comfortable furnishings and the picturesque view of the thermal fields, the stay at the Geysir Shop sometimes takes longer than expected.

Open all year around.
At summer it is open from 09:00-22:00 o´clock